We are an integrated company in the field of Textile Fabric Supply, Digital Reactive Printing, Pigment Digital Printing, Sector in Istanbul.

About Us

In this way we have stepped as an entrepreneurial dream in 1992, in the lighted glass tables as the conditions of the day, on the acetate, using rapido pencils
Our pattern is our life and our color discrimination experiences have been laid.
We combined the design and the skill of the pattern on the print to make the patterns come out to daylight.
By one, two, three, we have prepared hundreds of hand patterns to suit the fashion of textile.
Renovated in 2016, we have become a company that provides the best and fastest service by carrying the top of the technology power.
IMAGINATION WE ARE THE SCHOOLS ... starting with the idea of ​​exporting to the export companies, fabric company, representatives, factory working rotation,
Collection work, pattern design, color separation of customer-oriented patterns, template preparation suitable for rotation printing,
We provide services in the sense of preparing digital print designs and technical support.
We are continuing our AR-GE studies together with technological developments by taking customer's expectation and advanced quality service as our principle.


Being a leading company in the sector, being an example to the sector in this way and becoming a preferred brand for both customers and employees ...


To be able to serve on the expectations of our customers and to contribute to the formation of the HAPPY CUSTOMER, HAPPY EMPLOYEE ...

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